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we understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle’s great appearance. Our qualified body works team specializes in professional vehicle spray painting services to provide you with the means to keep your vehicle looking first class.

Our Services

Mechanical repair

We restore or replace the working parts of a Motor Vehicle, such as the engine and operational software, including diagnosing and detecting faults in Motor Vehicles, and the replacement and programming of a Motor Vehicle’s electric and electronic components.


Car Buffing removes swirls and minor scratches that affect the integrity of your vehicle’s paint. It also prevents paint oxidation, removes chemical etching and restores paint. Book car buffing service today and enjoy it at the convenience of your home within Nairobi..

Ceramic coating & painting

To make sure your vehicle will be in best hands, we perform a variety of crucial preparation steps before applying the Ceramic Coating to your vehicle including: clay treatment, paint correction (if necessary), Anti static decontamination treatment, and silica spray reload for a deep Crystal Coating activation gloss. We maintain a close relationship to all our clients making sure your vehicle will be in top shape..

System Diagnosis & Repair​​

A car diagnostic test can determine if your vehicle has issues with its engine, exhaust, transmission, ignition coils, oil tank, throttle, and more..

Air Conditioning Services​​

We will hook your vehicle up to a special refrigerant recovery system and drain any of the harmful gas from your car. At this point, the technician will inspect all of your air conditioning hard lines to make sure there are no obvious cracks.

Panel beating

We repair cars and other vehicles after a collision

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Our qualified body works team specialises in professional vehicle spray painting services to provide you with the means to keep your vehicle looking first class.

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